Cornavirus letter to congregation

Cornavirus letter to congregation

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May 20th, 2020


Dear Friends,


     We have been cleared to resume gathering indoors as a congregation in public worship. While we look forward to returning to church on May 24th for our first Sunday Morning Worship Service since March 8th, we still want to proceed in a safe manner.

     On May 11th, our leadership team put in place some guidelines that will help ensure the safety of our members and guests.

  1. Social distancing will need to be practiced while entering and exiting the sanctuary. You cannot congregate in the halls. Once in the sanctuary we need to spread out. We will block off every other pew. Sit only on the pews where the bulletins have been placed. Families can sit closer to each other but everyone else should maintain social distancing.

  2. No handshakes, hugs, etc.

  3. No greeting time, choir, or passing of the offering plate. Designated containers will be located and labeled in the sanctuary where you may give.

  4. There will be an invitation hymn. One may come to the altar, but social distancing must be maintained. If there is a need for personal counseling, please see the pastor after the benediction.

  5. After the benediction, departure from the sanctuary will need to be in an orderly fashion. A section will be dismissed row by row. You will be expected to exit to the parking lot and not congregate in the halls. Once in the parking lot you can stay and fellowship outside as long as you desire while maintaining social distancing.

  6. There will be no children’s worship. Children are welcome to come to the Worship Service, but they will need to stay with their parents. Our children’s team will have activity sheets available each week to help occupy their time during the service. The infant nursery will be sanitized and available to mothers and their infants, but we will not schedule nursery workers at this time. (For more details, a message from the Children’s Ministry Team is on the back.)

  7. No Sunday School at this time.

  8. Wednesday night service will continue to be offered online at 7pm each week.

  9. All Sunday night services will be discontinued until September with one exception. There will be a White Bible Service scheduled on Sunday night, June 14th at 7pm with a drop in shower to follow.

  10. Masks are recommended but not required.

       While these changes may seem severe by some, they are put into place to keep our congregation safe. As we enter into the next phase these guidelines will be re-evaluated.

     Please know that we want you to return to church and for us to be able to assemble together in public worship. No one will be turned away. However, if you are over 65 and have underlying conditions and feel it is safer to stay home, we understand that decision. We will continue to offer live streaming, the weekly ministry updates, and sermon notes.

     Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these matters. Phase II will last 4 – 6 weeks. Continue to be safe, pray, and help others whenever and wherever you can.

The Leadership Team

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