By the Brook Newsletter

By the Brook Newsletter

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BY THE BROOK…….June 14, 2020



Here are a few questions I can’t answer:

  • If you throw a cat out of a car window does it become cat litter?

  • When a cow laughs, does milk come out its nose?

  • What’s another word for thesaurus?

  • Why is abbreviation such a long word?

  • How do you get deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

  • What hair color do they put on the driver’s license of a bald man?



Here are a few things I may be able to help you with:


1. The Weekly Ministry Updates – This will be the last week we mail these out to all members. They were effective in keeping us in contact and keeping us informed. Now that we’re assembling together weekly, we will go back to just our weekly bulletins to be picked up Sunday morning. Should you not feel safe in returning and you would like to have a weekly bulletin with the Sermon Notes, we can

Email it to you, get it to you on Facebook, or mail it to you once the bulletin is completed. You need to contact the church office and let us know how can best help you.

2. The Deacon Nomination Forms – A Deacon Nomination form is included in this letter. It needs to be completed and submitted to the church by June 14th. Please bring your form by the church, call the church office, or call Roger to vote. Deacon election will be in July.

3. The 2020 Graduates – Since we were not able to recognize all the graduates on May 31, I would like to give you a complete list of our 2020 graduates:

College Graduates: Ryan Enloe (Clemson), Kierra Lee (Western Carolina), Jorgie Chandler (App. State), and Hunter Dillard (Pfeiffer).

High School Graduates: Olivia Hardy (Hibriten), Conner Hyatt (Hibriten), Kennedy Whittington (Hibriten), Caleb Dillard (West Caldwell), and Ben Chandler (West Caldwell).

Again, congratulations 2020 grads!

4. Recognizing the Oldest, Youngest, Newest Mothers – Yes, we didn’t get to recognize any mothers on May 10th. We will correct this on Father’s Day when we will recognize and present gifts to the oldest, youngest, newest Fathers and Mothers.

5. Rescheduled Events – On June 14th at 7pm in the sanctuary, remember the White Bible Service and Shower for Ryan and Kierra. Bring your gifts to the Mixed Nuts Sunday School Classroom. Also, don’t forget the Youth Golf Tournament Fundraiser on Friday, June 26th at Cedar Rock Country Club. Lunch at 12:00, shotgun start at 1pm. $50 per golfer with mulligans and skirts for sale. Prizes to 1st and 2nd place teams and those who win closest to the pins on the Par 3’s. Sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board.

6. Long overdue thanks – During the weeks when we were not allowed to gather, several people showed up each Sunday to help provide the live streaming. A special thank you to Tim and Adam in the projection room, Mark Poarch and Jon Cook in the Sound Booth, Mark Cook for opening up the service each Sunday, and Janice, Wilma, and Kevin for providing the music. We also want to thank Isaac Baker, and Will Joye for providing special music.

 7. When will Sunday School and Children Church return? – With this I’m back to where I started – I don’t know. The best answer I can give at this time is when we are put in Phase 3. When this happens, we can likely see a return to Sunday School and Children’s Church. I just don’t know when that is going to happen.


Having shared with you some things “I don’t know” and a few things “I do know”, let me close by saying I appreciate each of you being so understanding, patient, and flexible the last few months. It certainly has been a few months unlike any experienced in the church in the past. But through it all, God has been faithful and true and worthy of our praise.



                                                                                    –  Roger

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